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Welcome To
Shiatsu Tokyo

The only shiatsu school in Japan for foreigners

Don't be a fake shiatsu practitioner!
Be real!

Shiatsu Tokyo is currently available in Tokyo!

In this course, a Shiatsu practitioner with a national qualification, which is only available to about 1,000 students a year, teaches real Shiatsu in an easy-to-understand way.

Shiatsu Tokyo is good for those who

・want to learn real Shiatsu
・are not confident in the skills
・want to treat family and friends.
・want to open a clinic someday
・don't know how to start learning


Real Shiatsu practitioner 

The founder of Shiatsu Tokyo is nationally certified in Japan


I am Tassei, founder of Shiatsu Tokyo.

There are a lot of fake shiatsu practices in the world.

I was amazed when I traveled the world.

I want to change such a fake world!

I want to tell the real thing!

Shiatsu Tokyo is where you can learn real Shiatsu without coming to Japan!

It is the only school in the world.

Your hands will be reborn!

Real Shiatsu practitioner 

My life has changed since I started to learn shiatsu.

I didn’t know that many people need help.

I receive a lot of messages from my patients, such as “I have been waiting for you” and “Thanks to your shiatsu, I feel better.” My hands were reborn after I learned shiatsu.

The founder of Shiatsu Tokyo is nationally certified in Japan and has 10 years of experience running 3 Shiatsu Clinics.

He shares his existing know-how in an easy-to-understand way.

・Anma Massage Shiatsu

・Acupuncturist​、Moxibustion nurses

・Owned 3 Shiatsu Clinics


・Spend 10 million yen to study at a school in Japan for 6 years

・Won the acupuncture and moxibustion contest at shiatsu school.

・Trained in over 30 Shiatsu clinics

・More than 10 years of experience

・My father is a shiatsu practitioner.

・Both brothers are also shiatsu practitioners.

・My sister-in-law is also an acupressure specialist.

・Run seven facilities for children with developmental disabilities

・Do consulting for shiatsu clinics.


We teach the history of shiatsu, the basis of the treatment, and the ways to put pressure on various parts of the body. In addition to the basic ways to apply pressure, we teach other massage skills that can be used in everyday life, which will help you learn the feel of shiatsu.

What you can learn at the Experiencing Course

1. Oriental ideas about the body
3. Basic treatment for back to waist, which are the most important areas when you are on your stomach
5. Shiatsu treatment for legs
(prevention of swelling,which is popular for women)
7. Shiatsu for arms when you are on your back (pressing effective acupressure points)
2. Basic flow of shiatsu
(teaching effective acupressure points)
4. Treatment around shoulders
(be careful of the direction of where to put pressure)
6. Shiatsu for legs when you are on your back (let’s learn with fun!)
8. Tapping to prevent muscle pain caused in reaction to excess massaging

We explain in detail. Your fingers feel muscles and you continuously make pressure with fingers vertically to the body while pressing down with your weight. Please try to keep a beautiful posture.


*We teach effective acupressure points for treatment of each part of the body and we teach it with the best of intentions. So, please refrain from attending this course if you are not serious. Please have fun while learning it seriously.


We would like to teach in detail, so this course is conducted in small groups and the maximum number of students is 4.

Half-day Course 

 (9:00 – 12:00) or (13:00 – 16:00)

Needless to say, it is impossible to become a shiatsu professional in one day.

You will be able to lean some shiatsu techniques, including the order of treatment, and how to position yourself when giving shiatsu.

For those who take this course, we give some gifts, including a textbook and a shiatsu movie. Please keep practicing with these gifts.

There is a saying that “Seeing is believing.” This means seeing makes you believe for sure rather than just listening many times.

In order to help your friends and family who need help, experiencing to learn shiatsu and providing them with treatment is the easiest way.

This challenge will make your future life happier as well as for yourself, your family and friends.


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Shiatsu is a massage therapy unique to Japan. It developed from Anma massage around 700
Giving Anma massage with elbows and hands
Anma massage being given by several people, even with feet (around 1700)
Procedural textbooks of shiatsu were published around 1700, and then its practice spread
A blind person giving treatment
(around 1800)
A statue of a person who is giving Anma massage

Currently, to be a shiatsu therapist requires becoming nationally qualified in Japan. Those who want to be a shiatsu therapist go to school to learn about skills and courses, and then they have to pass a national exam. All the courses and exams are conducted in Japanese; therefore, it is difficult for foreigners to learn shiatsu in Japan.


Due to these circumstances, we offer a place where foreign people can experience shiatsu in Japan. When you go back to your country, please give treatment to your friends. They will be surprised.

Japan is an island nation consisting of one nation and one main ethnic group
Japan kept developing its own culture.
There is still a lot of Japanese culture that foreigners don't know
Japan avoided trading with other countries for a long period of time in the past
Loving beauty and nurturing “stillness” is an important part of Japanese culture
Therefore, please experience shiatsu and spread it to your family and friends

茶道 Tea ceremony


華道 Flower arrangement


書道 Calligraphy


Three Benefits of Shiatsu Tokyo

Here's the difference between us and other shiatsu schools!
Nationally certified in Shiatsu

Taught by a professional with a qualification that only about 1,000 people a year can obtain.

Visit 30 Shiatsu Clinics

I've been to Shiatsu clinics in Japan and abroad and learned a lot about Shiatsu.

Owned 3 shiatsu clinics.

I'll show you how I opened clinics on my own and successfully managed three clinics with 1000's of patients.

And more! Support is included after purchase.
We do not end with only offering a course.

Issue a certificate of eligibility

A certificate will be issued to those who turn in their homework.
Display it in your home or shop! The patients will be amazed!

スクリーンショット 2020-11-02 17.19.24.png

The only way to learn
real acupressure on video

As a national certified Shiatsu practitioner, I'm going to help you learn the real Shiatsu in this video.


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Paper Abstract

Don't be a fake shiatsu practitioner! Be real!

Your hands will evolve

I studied Shiatsu for 6 years and

became a licensed shiatsu practitioner in Japan.

I set out on a journey to learn about Shiatsu around the world.

What surprised me there was

"Too many fakes"

It's not the acupressure that they're doing in the world.


We teach real Shiatsu here in Shiatsu Tokyo!

Get out of the fakes and get "real acupressure"!

Below are examples of videos you will receive for free
if you sign up for our newsletter; the total value is worth over $500.

We can't learn acupressure on video.
It's only when we apply pressure to each other that we understand how to push.

Some people may think this way.

That may be true.

If you don't do acupressure directly with each other,

you won't notice the difference.


Over the past 10 years,

I have practiced acupressure with many people who want to become acupressure practitioners.

What I have found is that the people who become good at Shiatsu are the ones who have feelings for their patients.

Even if you are taught Shiatsu offline one-on-one, if you don't have a feeling for the patient, Shiatsu will not be effective.

On the other hand, if you can learn acupressure through video and talk to your patients, question them, and attend to their feelings, your Shiatsu will be very effective.

This video will teach you how to do it.


Don't be a fake shiatsu practitioner! Be real!

Your hands will evolve

Any questions or remarks?

Just write me a message!

Thank you!

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