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Shiatsu is a massage therapy unique to Japan. It developed from Anma massage around 700

Shiatsu being given by several people, even with feet (around 1700)

A blind person giving treatment (around 1800)

Giving shiatsu with elbows and hands

Procedural textbooks of shiatsu were published around 1700, and then its practice spread

A statue of a person who is giving shiatsu

Currently, to be a shiatsu therapist requires becoming nationally qualified in Japan. Those who want to be a shiatsu therapist go to school to learn about skills and courses, and then they have to pass a national exam. All the courses and exams are conducted in Japanese; therefore, it is difficult for foreigners to learn shiatsu in Japan.

Due to these circumstances, we offer a place where foreign people can experience shiatsu in Japan. When you go back to your country, please give treatment to your friends. They will be surprised.

Japan is an island nation consisting of one nation and one main ethnic group

Japan avoided trading with other countries for a long period of time in the past

Japan kept developing its own culture.

Loving beauty and nurturing “stillness” is an important part of Japanese culture

There is still a lot of Japanese culture that foreigners don’t know

Therefore, please experience shiatsu and spread it to your family and friends

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