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・Anma Massage Shiatsu


​・Moxibustion nurses

My life has changed since I started to learn shiatsu.

I didn’t know that many people need help.

I receive a lot of messages from my patients, such as “I have been waiting for you” and “Thanks to your shiatsu, I feel better.” My hands were reborn after I learned shiatsu.

I visit individual houses and facilities for the elderly for those who cannot come to our clinic.

Some of my patients are bedridden. Shiatsu is important for sure, but I believe that my mental attitude towards patients is more important.


・Anma Massage Shiatsu


​・Moxibustion nurses


・Anma Massage Shiatsu


​・Moxibustion nurses

I also do volunteer shiatsu at facilities for the elderly and the disabled.

Overseas aid

I visited a shiatsu school for the blind in Myanmar, and I still support the school.

I provided training for massage at facilities for foster children in Myanmar.

I visited a shiatsu clinic in the Philippines where disabled people give treatment and I still support the clinic.

I visited massage schools and facilities for the elderly and the disabled in Thailand.

We donate a part of our profits to NGO and volunteer groups related to shiatsu to contribute to society.

Japan Heart

A lot of children die in developing countries, as they cannot get medical treatment. We support the volunteer group “Japan Heart,” which provides these children with medical treatment for free.

Action (A Children’s Trust is Ours to Nurture)

In the Philippines, disabled children suffer from discrimination and prejudice. As a result, it is not uncommon for these children to end up as street children. We support the NPO group “Action,” which runs facilities for foster children and the disabled in the Philippines.

I believe those who learn shiatsu can give treatment to those who need help, which will make everyone happier.  

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