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Welcome to Shiatsu Tokyo

All of these videos are special offers.
You can study online from any location.
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0.Shiatsu Tokyo

1.About Shiatsu

2.The history of “Shiatsu”

3.Shiatsu and health care

4.Five key Points

5.Acupressure and precautions

6.Pressure level

7.Cases that should not be acupressure

8.The Basics of Hand

9.Pressure method

10.thumb pressure(Practical skill)

11.The palm pressure(Practical skill)

12.The flow of the treatment

13.Treatment ( face down)

There's a point where the number of times shown and the number of acupressure are different!
Use it depending on the patient's condition!
It's standard to be found in a textbook!

14.Treatment (sideways)

15.Treatments ( face up )

16.Treatment ( Head)

17.Treatment (face)

18.[13 special points]

19.7 Tips for Career Women -Women in their 20s to 30s-

20.7 Tips for women in their 50s -Women in their 40s to 50s-

21.7 pressure points that are said to make women beautiful

22.7 pressure points for men in their 30s to 50

23.Why did you suddenly get sick? ( by seasons)

24.Why do your feet get swollen? ( by seasons)

25.Why do you have skin problems? ( by seasons)

26.Explanations for medical conditions and effective pressure points

27.14 conversational skills to be trusted by patients

28.Seven steps to get more patients​

29.[1.2] About the questionnaire and treatment

30.[3] Listen to your patient's voice with a survey.

31.[4] A stamp card that will make people want to visit the clinic three times

32.[5] How to make a thank you letter

33.[6-1] How to make a brochure that will increase the number of patients.

34.[6-2] Let's actually create a brochure

35.[6-3] How to make a self-introduction letter

36.[7] Let's make a newsletter for a year

37.Store management for sales growth (aim for regular customers)

38.Increase the number of regulars in three steps

39.How to create a lot of word-of-mouth

40.Business is all about timing

How to create a mind to be happy

41.Mindfulness you can do in 3 seconds

42.The sensitive one should know to escape!

43.The story of the important vases in life

44.How not to regret when you die

45.Don't be nice! The only way to be happy with selfishness

46.What is the purpose of life?

47.The way of life from now on

48.How to get better at small talk at first meeting

49.To those who are surrounded by people you don't like

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