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Real Shiatsu taught by

a national certified practitioner


The only way to learn real acupressure on video

Learn real acupressure in videos

Don't be a fake shiatsu practitioner! Be real!

Your hands will evolve

In this course, a Shiatsu practitioner with a national qualification, which is only available to about 1,000 students a year, teaches real Shiatsu in an easy-to-understand way.

・want to learn real Shiatsu

・are not confident in the skills

・want to treat family and friends.
・want to open a clinic someday

・don't know how to start learning

Shiatsu Tokyo is good for those who

The world is full of

  fake acupressure.

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I studied Shiatsu for 6 years and

became a licensed shiatsu practitioner in Japan.

I set out on a journey to learn about Shiatsu around the world.

What surprised me there was

"Too many fakes"

It's not the acupressure that they're doing in the world.


We teach real Shiatsu here in Shiatsu Tokyo!


Get out of the fakes and get "real acupressure"!

Teaching real acupressure

As a national certified Shiatsu practitioner, I'm going to help you learn the real Shiatsu in this video.

Taught by a professional with a qualification that only about 1,000 people a year can obtain.

I've been to Shiatsu clinics in Japan and abroad and learned a lot about Shiatsu.

I'll show you how I opened clinics on my own and successfully managed three clinics with more patients.

And more! Support is included after purchase.

Issue a certificate of eligibility.

We do not end with only making a video.

A certificate will be issued to those who turn in their homework.

Display it in your home or shop! The patients will be amazed!

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Learn real acupressure in videos

Secret of Popularity

Real Shiatsu practitioner and management experience

The founder of Shiatsu Tokyo is nationally certified in Japan and has 10 years of experience running 3 Shiatsu Clinics.

He shares his existing know-how in an easy-to-understand way.

・Anma Massage Shiatsu

・Acupuncturist​、Moxibustion nurses

・Owned 3 Shiatsu Clinics

・Spend 10 million yen to study at a school in Japan for 6 years

・Won the acupuncture and moxibustion contest at shiatsu school.

・Trained in over 30 Shiatsu clinics

・More than 10 years of experience

・My father is a shiatsu practitioner.

・Both brothers are also shiatsu practitioners.

・My sister-in-law is also an acupressure specialist.

・Run seven facilities for children with developmental disabilities

・Do consulting for shiatsu clinics.

My life has changed since I started to learn shiatsu.

I didn’t know that many people need help.

I receive a lot of messages from my patients, such as “I have been waiting for you” and “Thanks to your shiatsu, I feel better.” My hands were reborn after I learned shiatsu.

I visit individual houses and facilities for the elderly for those who cannot come to our clinic.

Some of my patients are bedridden. Shiatsu is important for sure, but I believe that my mental attitude towards patients is more important.

I also do volunteer shiatsu at facilities for the elderly and the disabled.

Overseas aid

I visited a shiatsu school for the blind in Myanmar, and I still support the school.

I visited a shiatsu clinic in the Philippines where disabled people give treatment and I still support the clinic.

I provided training for massage at facilities for foster children in Myanmar.

I visited massage schools and facilities for the elderly and the disabled in Thailand.

Don't be a fake shiatsu practitioner! Be real!

Your hands will evolve

The content of free e-mail course

1. Exclusive video giveaway.


Three Tips

☆ Original Medical Questionnaire

☆ Effective pressure points

☆ The procedure of treatment

スクリーンショット 2020-11-18 11.24.58.png

2. How to enrich your life with acupressure.


3. How to increase the number of patients


4. Get a skill if you're worried about your life.


5. How to succeed in acupressure, even if

    you are in your 40s or older.


6.My failures in shiatsu.


7. The reason for my success with 3 Shiatsu Clinics.



We donate a part of our profits to NGO and volunteer groups related to shiatsu to contribute to society.

Japan Heart

 We support the volunteer group “Japan Heart,” which provides these children with medical treatment for free.


We support the NPO group “Action,” which runs facilities for foster children and the disabled in the Philippines.

I believe those who learn shiatsu can give treatment to those who need help, which will make everyone happier.  

Learn real acupressure in videos

[Handwritten] Your name Kanji and a poem

(up to the first 100 people)

指圧東京 教科書.001.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.004.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.005.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.002.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.003.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.006.jpeg

To those who cherish relationships with others,

please learn shiatsu and give treatment to your

friends and those who need help. They will appreciate you.

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