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The only way to learn real acupressure on video

Learn in over 50 videos

Shiatsu Tokyo

"Shiatsu x Video" Specialist

Shiatsu Tokyo is a service focused on real Shiatsu

Features of Shiatsu Tokyo


Learn Shiatsu at the National Qualification Level

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You can learn the whole course


Effective Acupuncture Points

Shiatsu Tokyo is teaching a real acupressure.

If it's fake, anyone can teach.

What you can do at Shiatsu Tokyo

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Learn real Shiatsu

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Increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Pleasing the patient.

What you can learn on the video

・The concept of Shiatsu

・The proper use of fingers

・Eastern medical thinking

​・Treatment of each part of the head, neck, shoulders, back,

 hips, buttocks and extremities

・More than 30 effective pressure points

・How to deal with patients

・How to run a clinic that attracts more patients

We'll explain it in easy to understand videos and  help you to do real Shiatsu.

It takes practice, but if you're willing to do it, you can definitely learn acupressure.

Upon conclusion of the video material, you'll receive a Shiatsu Tokyo certificate!

Can we learn acupressure through video?


We can't learn acupressure on video.

It's only when we apply pressure to each other that we understand how to push.

Some people may think this way.

That may be true.

If you don't do acupressure directly with each other,

you won't notice the difference.


Over the past 10 years,

I have practiced acupressure with many people who want to become acupressure practitioners.

What I have found is that the people who become good at Shiatsu are the ones who have feelings for their patients.


Even if you are taught Shiatsu offline one-on-one, if you don't have a feeling for the patient, Shiatsu will not be effective.

On the other hand, if you can learn acupressure through video and talk to your patients, question them, and attend to their feelings, your Shiatsu will be very effective.

This video will teach you how to do it.

Fees and Contents


299 dollars
(Now offering 70% off for a limited time!)

Don't be a fake shiatsu practitioner! Be real!

Your hands will evolve

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Learn in over 50 videos

1.About Shiatsu

2.The history of “Shiatsu”.

3.Shiatsu and health care

4.Five key Points

5.Acupressure and precautions

6.Pressure level

7.Cases that should not be acupressure

8.Shiatsu Basics

9.thumb pressure(Practical skill)

10.The palm pressure(Practical skill)

11.Pressure method

12.The flow of the treatment

13.Treatment ( face down)

14.Treatment (sideways)

15.Treatments ( face up )

16.Treatment ( stomach)

17.Treatment (face)

18.[13 special points]

19.[7 Tips for Career Women <Women in their 20s to 30s>.

20.[7 Tips for women in their 50s <Women in their 40s to 50s>.

21.[7 pressure points that are said to make women beautiful

22.[7 pressure points for men in their 30s to 50s

23.Why did you suddenly get sick? ( by seasons)

24.Why do your feet get swollen? ( by seasons)

25.Why do you have skin problems? ( by seasons)

26.Explanations for medical conditions and effective pressure points



・upset stomach,

・loss of appetite

・ tired eyes,

・easy to gain weight


27.[14 conversational skills to be trusted by patients]

28.Seven steps to get more patients​





29.[1.2] About the questionnaire and treatment

30.[3] Listen to your patient's voice with a survey.

31.[4] A stamp card that will make people want to visit the clinic three times

32.[5] How to make a thank you letter

33.[6-1] How to make a brochure that will increase the number of patients.

34.[6-2] Let's actually create a brochure

35.[6-3] How to make a self-introduction letter

36.[7] Let's make a newsletter for a year

37.Store management for sales growth (aim for regular customers)

38.Increase the number of regulars in three steps

39.How to create a lot of word-of-mouth

40.Business is all about timing

How to create a mind to be happy

41.Mindfulness you can do in 3 seconds

42.The sensitive one should know to escape!

43.The story of the important vases in life

44.How not to regret when you die

45.Don't be nice! The only way to be happy with selfishness

46.What is the purpose of life?

47.The way of life from now on

48.How to get better at small talk at first meeting

49.To those who are surrounded by people you don't like


Special Video [FREE]⬇︎⬇︎

Many people told me that they wanted to see a sample video of the lecture, so we are releasing a portion of the lecture video.

Comparison with other schools

Shiatsu Tokyo - Post - Dec.png

(Now offering 70% off for a limited time!)


In the past, Shiatsu Tokyo used to teach lectures in person, but we have changed to video lectures.

It's easier to review and practice on video because you can review the lesson as many times as you like.

The important thing is to learn and practice Shiatsu.

It's important to learn directly.


But if you don't practice it, it's worthless.

You just feel like you've learned.

That's why at Shiatsu Tokyo, we've made it a video lecture that you can watch and practice over and over again.

It's the only video material you can learn real Shiatsu from!

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The disadvantage of Shiatsu Tokyo is that we do not give out certificates to everyone.

Only those who have practiced will receive a certificate.

So, if you have difficulty practicing, please go to a massage class like A or B that you can get if you attend.

Only those who want to learn real Shiatsu should come to Shiatsu Tokyo!

Shiatsu Tokyo Tips

1.Shiatsu Tokyo Certificate

 (assignment submission required)
2.Shiatsu Tokyo Medical Questionnaire
3.How to increase the number of patients
4.Create brochures to attract more patients
5.Create a sympathetic profile
6.Know how to get more regular customers
7.Get a year's newsletter

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アンカー 1

I am Tassei, founder of Shiatsu Tokyo.

There are a lot of fake shiatsu practices in the world.

I was amazed when I traveled the world.

I want to change such a fake world!

I want to tell the real thing!

Shiatsu Tokyo is where you can learn real Shiatsu without coming to Japan!

It is the only school in the world.

Your hands will be reborn!

sorry, It's so small!


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299 dollars

(Now offering 70% off for a limited time!)

If you complete the task, I will give you the following.
☆The task is to send me pictures of the 5 people who you have treated.

指圧東京 教科書.001.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.004.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.005.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.002.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.003.jpeg
指圧東京 教科書.006.jpeg

[Handwritten] Your name Kanji and a poem

(up to the first 100 people)

Once we have received your payment

we will send you the member page URL by email!

Ask a question here

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